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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you'll find answers to some of the most common questions regarding a trek with Himalayan Adventures 

Is it safe to pet and play with street dogs, cats and other animals in India?

No!!! It is not safe at all to play with stray animals, especially street dogs! Many stray dogs in India carry rabies, and we strongly advice all our guests to stay away from any stray animals. If you should be bitten by a stray dog or a monkey, it is important to immediately start with a course of rabies shots. Even small cute puppies can carry rabies​, so India is not the place to play the good animal Samaritan!

Can Himalayan Adventures help us with booking of train tickets?

Yes, we can! When the dates for the trek has been confirmed and we have received the Team Name List, we'll proceed to book train tickets Delhi - Kathgodam/return.

Can Himalayan Adventures help with booking of train tickets to other destinations as well ?

Yes, we can! We have a very good travel partner in Delhi that can help with booking of train tickets to any destination in India. Some sectors get sold out quickly, so it is important to inform us about your travel needs well in advance. 

Can Himalayan Adventures arrange travel from Kathgodam to Ranikhet?

Yes, we will arrange for taxis/jeeps from Ranikhet to come and meet you at Kathgodam station. The drivers will meet you at the platform with a placard with the team leader's name.

Is the travel from Kathgodam to Ranikhet included in the trek fee?

Yes, the trip from the railway station to Ranikhet is now included in the fee. 

Are the train tickets included in the trek fee?

No, the trek fee does not include train tickets. We will make all the arrangements for you, but there will be an extra charge for the train tickets. The cost is nominal, please refer to the travel page.

Where do we pick up our train tickets?

You can pick up the train tickets from Vinstring Holidays, our travel partner in Delhi, after arrival in India. You will also make the payment for the tickets to Vinstring Holidays.

Can we pay for the trek in foreign currency?

No, the payment has to be done in Indian Rupees upon arrival in Ranikhet. We do not accept foreign currency as payment for the trek. You either have to exchange your foreign currency in Delhi or withdraw the equivalent amount in INR using Visa or MasterCard. 

Where can we exchange foreign currency?

You can exchange foreign currency at the airport or at a licensed Money Changer in Delhi. Vinstring Holidays can also help out with foreign exchange and offers good exchange rates.

Can we pay the registration fee together with the trek fee?

No, the registration fee has to be paid to our office in Norway as a part of the booking process. Please see the booking section of the Guidelines document.

Does Himalayan Adventures provide tents and sleeping bags for the trek?

Yes we do! We have high quality tents and sleeping bags that your team can use for the trek. Please refer to the Packing List for more information.

Where can I store my spare clothes and luggage when going on the trek?

You can store excess luggage in a designated store room in the hotel in Ranikhet. We will also provide secure storage for your valuables, passport etc.

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