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On this page you'll find various travel related info. All info given below will also be found in the 2 documents 'Guidelines for Groups' and 'Additional Info Team Leaders.' Both these document have bookmarks to make it easy for you to find the info you are looking for. Links to these 2 documents are found in the right column.


Many stray dogs, cats and monkeys in India carry rabies. We strongly advice all our guests to stay away from any stray animals, even small cute puppies, and not play or cuddle with them. You can become infected with rabies if a stray dog only licks an open wound on your hand. If you are bitten by any stray animal, you immediately need to start on a course of rabies shots. Please seek clarification from Himalayan Adventures staff or a medical professional if in doubt.

Travel from Delhi Airport

Himalayan Adventures can help to arrange pick up from the airport through Vinstring Holidays, our Travel Agent. This is safe and easy, and the driver will meet you outside the arrival hall with a name placard. You can pay for the taxi when you pick up your train tickets from Vinstring later on.


Another option is to use one of the taxi services found outside the arrival hall. Both Meru Cabs and Mega Cabs are reliable, and there is also a third option called ‘Delhi Police Prepaid Taxi Boot.’ Here you can pre-pay a trip to your chosen destination, and the driver will drop you at the right place. At the prepaid boot you’ll mostly find older taxies, but most of them have a roof rack and can carry more luggage than the Mega and Meru cabs. When booking a pre-paid taxi, you’ll be given a receipt that you keep with you and hand over to the driver when you have safely reached your destination.

New!    Hindi Survival Phrases

When you are travelling to India, it is nice to know a few common phrases that will help you get around and communicate a bit with the local people. Indians in general love it when foreigners try to speak Hindi. It helps to open up for conversations and friendships with locals. Below is a link to a 1-page Hindi Survival Phrases. We have also added a link to a sound file so you can hear how the Hindi Phrases should be pronounced. Hindi is a GREAT language  - enjoy!

Getting around Delhi

To get around in Delhi you can go either by Metro, Auto rickshaw (a small 3-wheeler) or taxi. The Auto rickshaws are supposed to go by their electronic meter, but normally most drivers refuse, so you have to bargain for the best possible price. Half of the starting price is a reasonable guide. If you have an Indian SIM card, you can download the Ola or Uber app, and book a taxi. They are very reasonable and reliable.

Another good way to travel around Delhi is to hire a taxi for the day. The cost is very reasonable, and you don’t have to bargain every time you want to go from A to B. The driver stays with the taxi while you do your shopping or sightseeing, and you can store excess luggage in the car. You can book a taxi for the day at Vinstring Holidays.

Vinstring Holidays

Himalayan Adventures has been using the services of Vinstring Holidays for many years, and Vinstring is our official travel partner in India. It is a small travel company, but very reliable and offer great service. The travel desk is situated in the reception area at YWCA International Guest House, a hotel we often use for our groups. Please see the map of Central New Delhi found below in the travel section on our website. Vinstring can arrange day trips to Taj Mahal/Agra, as well as airport drop upon departure from India.

Delhi Metro

The Delhi Metro is amazing and a really fast and cheap way to move around in Delhi. You can either buy single tickets or go for a Metro card so that you don't have to stand in the queue to buy a ticket.

Train tickets

Himalayan Adventures will book the train tickets for the travel to Kumaon Himalayas as well as the return tickets back to Delhi or other destination. We also arrange all local transport in Kumaon as a part of the trekking program.

For train journeys we recommend 3 A/C class for overnight trains and A/C Chair Car for shorter train rides covered by the Shatabdi trains. Train tickets are generally inexpensive in India, and the journey from Delhi to Kathgodam is approx. US $10 per person one-way.

Travel Kathgodam - Ranikhet

From Kathgodam we’ll arrange taxi-jeeps to bring the team to Ranikhet where the program starts. After the trek we’ll arrange for the team to be dropped back to Kathgodam for the onward journey. The taxi ride from Kathgodam to Ranikhet is included in the cost of the trek.


The cost of train tickets to/from Kathgodam is not included in the cost of the trek.

Hindi Survival Phrases - Audio file -
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Hospitals in Delhi

Delhi has many top class hospitals that are used to take care of foreign tourists. If you need to see a doctor or get a check-up, we recommend Max Health Care or Appollo Hospitals. Please make sure to bring your insurance details/card when going to a hospital. Below are links to Max and Apollo.

  1. Max:

  2. Appollo:

Embassies in India

All foreign embassies are based in New Delhi. If you should loose your passport or need assistance from your embassy, please click on the link below or download the list of embassies in Delhi.

Please note: 

Phone numbers and e-mail addresses given in the website below or in the pdf document may be incorrect as the info may not have been updated. If you can't get through on the phone, then please go to the particular embassy's website and double-check the information. The street addresses of the embassies are most likely correct as embassies rarely change location.

Day trip to Taj Mahal in Agra

Himalayan Adventures recommend all visiting teams to make a day trip to the magnificent  Taj Mahal in Agra, a short 3 1/2 hour drive from Delhi. The Taj Mahal is reckoned as one of the 7 wonders of the world and is beautiful beyond description. Vinstring Holidays can help to arrange a taxi to take you to Taj, and we recommend an early departure in order to enjoy Taj Mahal in the morning before it gets too hot. 

You can bring to the Taj Mahal:

√  Small bag/purse + shoe covers

√  Water bottle

√  Camera + mobile phone/smart phone

√  Video camera (extra charge)

√  Wallet, Passport, valuables

√  Tissue paper (TP) + medications

√  Sunscreen + hat/cap

Hotel booking

Himalayan Adventures can arrange for hotel rooms in all price ranges, but most teams stay in budget hotels. The average cost of budget hotels in Delhi is US $10 per night per person.

Your contact person in Delhi may be able to arrange alternate accommodation if you will be staying for a longer period in Delhi.

Contact Details Vinstring Holidays

Travel Desk

YWCA International Guesthouse

10, Sansad Marg, Connaught Place

New Delhi

Phone:       +91 (011) 23368717

Mobile:      +91 9810097686


Contact:     Vini

Don't bring to Taj Mahal:

X  Sketchbook + pens/pencils/paint etc.

X  Food items or sweets

X  Tobacco products or alcohol

X  Torches/flashlights/lighter/spare batteries

X  Knives, chargers etc.

Please keep items that you can't bring into

Taj Mahal in your taxi or bus.

For more info you can check this link:

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